Cutler throws $126 million tantrum

Jay Cutler has been the quarterback of the Chicago Bears for the past 5 years and is probably the Bears first respectable quarterback since George Blanda. His tenure with the Bears, however, was in question after Cutler’s contract came to an end on a season when the Bears missed another playoff opportunity with a loss to the Green Bay Packers in week 17.  Cutler also wasn’t helped by the frequent injuries throughout the season, allowing his backup, Josh McCown, to make Cutler look like a strong armed Mr. Snuffleupagus.

This conflict left the Chicago Bears staff with a very difficult decision to make. For days, staff held meetings with Cutler’s agent but no agreement could be met, the Bears moving closer and closer to releasing the vet.

Then it happened…

Jay Cutler asked the Chicago Bears organization to have a one on one meeting. Five hours later Cutler walks away with a 7 year contract worth $126 million.

“It was awful,” remarked the Bears head coach Marc Trestman. “He just sat there for an hour with his arms folded scowling.”  Though the meeting started rough, things began to go downhill even further. “Jay started stomping his feet and screaming ‘I hate you’ with his hands over his ears. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The team also reported that Cutler threw a glass of water across the room and fell to the floor complaining of a knee injury.

Trestman, along with the rest of the staff in attendance realized the severity of the issue, and for some reason unknown to the rest of the sane, thinking world, decided to extend Cutler’s contract for the remainder of his foreseeable career.

Cutler is reported to be very happy with the outcome.


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